Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Sneak Preview

Any guesses what Harvey is going to be for Halloween?


I love that they're on the wrong feet. :)



He even kind of has the walk down.


He is over the top excited to be Woody for Halloween. He woke up from nap, wearing just his diaper (this undressing thing is getting crazy), and I showed him his hat and boots that came while he was sleeping. He put on the hat and boots so dang fast and started running around the house screaming "IMMA COWBOY!!!! IMMA COWBOY!!!!". We haven't been able to take the boots or hat away since. He even went to bed with them on. John went in after he went to sleep and took them off. Then first thing this morning, he had them on again. I love it. And apparently he does too. He's SUCH a picky guy about what he wears and he definitely does not like to wear anything new. But Woody's clothes---those are a different story.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Charlie Two Months

Hard to believe our little guy is two months old today.

So here are some photos from his big two month shoot. :)



You can never have too many photos of your children mostly naked wearing ridiculous hats. Never.

See? He is awake sometimes. I feel like most of his photos are of him sleeping. And looking to the right. But that's another issue entirely.

Diptych 2
Month one to month two. Chunkin' up!

And some outtakes:

Oh, well would you wook at dat! I'm is 2 months old aweady! Time sure is goin' fast...........

Nope, I'ms not gonna cwy about it.........I'm not.

Ok, maybe I'm is gonna cwy about it! Why I has to grow up so fast? Is so sad!!

Some two month updates:

* I weighed him at home the other day: 14.2 pounds. He's pretty much doubled his birthweight now (unofficially). And with the way he's continuing to eat, I think he wants to quadruple his weight by his 4 month weigh in.

*He still eats every 2 1/2 hours- 3 hours around the clock. Sometimes at night he will "accidentally" sleep for 4 hours. After that, he wants the next two bottles every 2 hours. It's getting a bit ridiculous around here folks.

*We're working on sleep training, trying to get us all ready to go back to work. So far the day time naps are going well. The night time when we attempt to not feed him and get to him skip one of the 3(!) feedings he's wanting (clearly out of habit, not necessity)-----that's not going so well. He's quite set in his old man ways.

*Just this week he's started to go to bed around 7:30-8:00pm and sleeping until 7:30-8:00am. But, he's waking up around 10:00pm, 2:00am, 4:00am, and finally 7 or 7:30 to eat. Fortunately, he's all business---bottle, diaper and back to bed. A few times he's been wide awake, but he'll at least go back to bed and chat to himself (sometimes for well over an hour) until he can fall asleep on his own.

*Sizes: Clothes: Mostly 6 months, but I can shove him into a few 3 month outfits.
Diapers: Size 3 (we just went ahead and skipped the size 2s).
We'll have his "official" length and weight on Wednesday.

*He's such a good baby, really. Super laid back, and as long as you keep him fed and keep his diaper clean, he's content to do whatever. We're so blessed to have him in our family.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Chugga Chugga Charlie

I've decided if there is ever another baby Clore (we're saying we're finished after 2, but we don't always get to call the shots!), Harvey totally has to name the next one. He randomly started calling Charlie "Chugga Chugga Charlie". Slight train obsession anyone? Anyone??

I love it! Best nickname ever. Naturally, I call Charlie "Chugs" pretty much all of the time. I also like to incorporate Chugga Chugga into other people's names---Chugga Chugga daddy said it's time for dinner. Why don't you come over here and play, Chugga Chugga Harvey? Now, that's pretty obnoxious. But, that's not going to stop me. I love being obnoxious. Just ask John.

Yesterday I took little Chugs out for a super quick photo shoot in our backyard after church. You would never guess it's almost the middle of October in these photos. They look like spring/Easter photos.




My favorite. This is definitely going up in our house somewhere..........if I ever print some photos.



Sweet little buddy is still sleeping almost 20 hours a day (still waking up ever 2 1/2 -3 hours to eat, don't worry. He goes back to sleep mid-way through his bottle while still chugging away). It's starting to mess with our night time a little, so we're working on keeping him awake and wearing him out during the day. Pretty hard to do. He was sleeping in his car seat, I took him out, took him outside, put him in a basket, took photos, carried him back inside, laid him down and he still never woke up. I guess we should enjoy all this sleep while we can!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Charlie's First Cardinals Game

A couple of weeks ago we loaded up the car and headed to St Louis for Charlie's first Cardinals game. It was John's dream to take each of the boys to Busch Stadium for a game the year they were born. Since Charlie was originally due September 9, then scheduled for September 1, we decided he would be too young to make the voyage in time for the last regular season home games September 24/25.

Since he was born so much earlier, I figured he would be old enough to make it for at least one game that weekend. That's right, I was the one that approached John about going to a game. Most people think he totally pressured me into going, but he had actually moved on. I figured that even if it was a terrible experience, at least we tried and we made one of John's dreams come true. And if we never try to do anything with our boys, we'll never have any stories to tell..........good or bad. :)

In the end, it. was. awesome. Seriously. We normally can't say that about taking Harvey out in public, not even factoring in a five week old baby. We went up on Friday night, stayed in a hotel (ummm, not exactly the highlight of my trip, trying to get everyone to sleep in one room and keep big Harv asleep as Charlie woke up every 2 1/2 hours), then got up and headed to the stadium Saturday morning. I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story.


Do you think Harvey likes waking up in a hotel? Especially when we're going to see "De arch!! And Fweebird!!!". Oh yeah!!


Charlie was equally pumped up.

What you guys fink? You fink I wooks good in red? Yeah, I fink so too. And you fink Fwedbirwd is gonna be scary?? Yeah, me too..........

Again, super pumped.

But what Charlie lacks in excitement...........

Harvey makes up for it with his over the top excitement.

And here's what he is truly excited about:
OMG!! It's Fredbird y'all!!

Where'd he go??? I can't see Fwed through all dem guys dressed in white uniforms!!!

This was our boy at the end of the game. Screaming, yelling (like he was being chased by an axe murderer, but that's ok), clapping. So excited.


So excited about this:
Yup, Fredbird again. I told John, Harvey thought Fredbird just won the Fredbird game in Fredbird Stadium. That's what Harvey was there to see anyway.


This is SO Harvey these days.




Check out that hottie!!

Shielding him from the fireworks and cheering at the end.

Looks like someone ate a few too many nachos and passed out.....

And of course, daddy and his littlest boy at his first game. Such a fun day. I love experiencing things with my boys and seeing things through their eyes. Baseball games, hotel rooms, seeing the Arch are all fun things for us as adults, but to Harvey it's all so magical. He could not have been cuter if he tried. And Charlie was a perfect baby all weekend. I can't wait to make many many more memories with both of our boys in St Louis.

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