Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas: Take 2 and 3

Wow, what a week! Harvey woke up to "Merry Christmas" three mornings in a row. This kid now wakes up every morning anxious to see what Santa brought again today! Ok, I know he totally has no idea, but it's much funnier to think he understands the Santa gig and presents every morning. So let's go with that.

So after 655 photos (not including the bagillion I deleted beforehand), I've spent a lot of time trying to decide which images best tell the story of Harvey's first Christmas. So I'll start with the ones from Christmas Eve, aka The Main Event. Santa came to my sister's house and dropped off some presents on Christmas Eve morning, and then that night we had family dinner and we opened presents from family members afterward. Without further ado, here is Harvey's first Christmas (part 2 and 3).

(These photos look much better when you click on them to view them larger).

Our nephew Connor, just waking up.

Our niece, Lorelai, obviously just waking up.

The cousins.

Harvey giving his presents the good ole taste test.

I don't know 'bout dis one....

Oh, ok, is good toy.

A little chaos never hurt anyone!

John and I are going to have a little chat with St. Nick next year about assembly. We spent a good chunk of this morning getting his stuff out of the box (quite a chore), and then assembling everything. We'll leave extra cookies to make sure we never have to do this again.

We brought Gigi's from Nashville for Christmas morning. Nothing like sugar shock to start the day off right!

Harv had a great time playing with his Mamaw this past week.

This is how Connor spent his entire morning.

And now, here are some photos from Christmas Eve night.

Connor did not want to take pictures with his cousins. I did it anyways. I'm mean like that.

My handsome husband showing off his love of UK basketball. And Coca Cola.

This makes me laugh.

A little more chaos.

Those were all presents for Harvey. I was so busy manning the gifts, I had no time to help Harv. Or to notice he's totally about to eat a gift.

The aftermath. Harvey was so dang hot (my grandmother's house is only about 100 degrees in the winter), I just stripped him down to his jeans. Looking so fabulously redneck. And I love that even after all those toys, Lorelai is playing with a big garbage bag and trying to take his sippy. So awesome.

He's teething so bad, there's drool just pouring down his chest. I eventually put a bib on him, made him a little more classy. :)
Lorelai can move around. Harvey cannot. He's a sitting duck and she knows it. She kept taking all his toys.
Doing his best to guard his loot.

Such a classy shot to sum up his Christmas festivities.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Morning Round 1

It happened. Santa came to our house last night! Here's the proof.

(The exersaucer is not part of the deal----it just happens to be holding up some clothes and toys) :)

So excited just to be awake---he didn't even realize there were new toys waiting.

Naturally, he grabs the furry blue thing on the floor before anything else.

Tickle Me Cookie Monster laughs and rolls around on the floor. Harvey decided to get in on the action. Seriously, he fell back on the floor right after Cookie did.

His first taste of christmas. Mmmmmmm, tastes good.

We took the front legs off his music table so he can play with it now, before he can stand up. This thing requires some serious concentration.

And on to the next thing......
Yup, equally tasty.

I made pancakes for breakfast, and Harvey ate one all by himself, along with some yogurt and juice. And then he immediately fell into a food coma. Seriously, he was in bed for nap earlier than he normally is. This morning must have been too much for the little guy!

We're heading out in just a couple of hours for Lexington. He's about to have another Santa visit along with all kinds of presents from all of our family there. Should be a good time! But, we're still doing laundry, packing, cleaning, and I still have errands to run. Let's see what time we actually get out of here!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa Claus Comes Tonight

That's right, the Big Man himself is coming to our house tonight! Then we're heading to Lexington tomorrow afternoon, and Santa will give Harvey the rest of his presents while we're there. Such a lucky boy! Santa has so many presents for him, he can't bring them all in one night! And, Santa understands that his parents only have so much room in their car for all his loot. :) That Chris Kringle, he's so accommodating. And magical.

So jump in bed and cover your head, 'cause Santa Claus comes tonight!

Monday, December 21, 2009

'Zat You, Santa Claus?

Hey, it's me, Santa.

And this here is my reindeer.

Yup, I'm is his reindeer.

We're getting ready for a big night. My reindeer here is going to pull my sleigh. Right Mary H?

Uuuh, I can't really hear you. I fink my hat's on too tight.

Yup, is too tight.

(Gasp!) You is one crazy reindeer!

So like I was saying, we've been practicing and getting ready for the big night. You're going to pull my sleigh like this, right?

I fink she might be mad at me.

Awww Santa, I could never stay mad at you. I wuv you too much!

The out takes.........

If I could just get my hands on that hat......

Where'd everybody go??

I just love this sweet little face.

And a quick update: his second tooth is finally in! It's a Christmas miracle! And he slept all through the night for the first time in a couple weeks. A special thank you to teething tablets----just got those yesterday, and I think that helped him sleep as well. A silent night indeed!

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