Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Our boy loves trains. Seriously. loves. them. In the car, just running errands, he asks to drive over more train tracks (who doesn't love a nice big bump when driving?!). And he is genuinely super excited to just go over the tracks. It's the simple things, really.

Santa brought him a train table for Christmas. It has been the most exciting gift he's ever received. Thomas the Train and all of his friends, regular strength trains, cars, dinosaurs, airplanes---pretty much everything has had a turn on that table. He's spent hours creating and re-creating different scenarios. And everyone that walks in the door is asked (read:harassed) to "Come play train table??!!". Such a sweet obsession.

This past weekend, John thought it would be a fun family outing to go find some train tracks and let Harvey get out and explore. If nothing else, it would be good for us to all get out together and go for a ride (we hadn't all been out together since the beginning of December). We were able to do better than just an empty old boring track----we found a train pulling in for a stop!

Don't worry, we had the camera. :) I'm trying to make up for lost time here.




This was pretty much the highlight of his whole life to date. Now the plain old empty tracks aren't nearly as exciting. Still exciting, but he's pretty determined to find another "big train". We've set the bar pretty high I'm afraid.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Charlie Five Months

I somehow found the time and energy (and cooperation from Charlie) to get his 5 month photos taken on time! This was literally a 10 minute shoot, and it wore me out. I really need to get it together soon. Baby steps though. First a 10 minute photo shoot, then maybe a 10 minute walk. Maybe.

Here is what you all are really here for. Not my *super* inspiring talks about fitness, but photos of our sweet boys.


Note: His hands are ALWAYS in his mouth. His two bottom teeth are about to make an appearance. Hurry up already!

My favorite from the day. Love, love it.


See? Wasn't even kidding about those hands.

I wanted a really good photo of his chunky legs. I'm afraid this photo doesn't do them justice. There is a third roll on there, but in an effort to keep this rated PG, you can't see it. But trust me, it's there. Those legs are probably where he stores most of his 20+ pounds.

In several photos he was looking up or over to the side. This is what he was staring at:


And honestly I would keep an eye on him too if I was laying on the floor and that wild thing was literally running circles around me.

Charlie at five months:

We just recently really started in with food. He currently has 2 tbs of cereal with a 4 oz fruit at lunch, and then a 4oz veggie for dinner. And, obviously, bottles in between. Homeboy does not let you forget to feed him.

I can't decide which he's going to do first:, sit up or roll over. He wants to be in an upright position at all times, but can't get the hang of doing it himself. I'm convinced its his cheeks pulling him down. He attempts to roll over all the time, but that one arm is always on the way. Always a tricky thing.

He finalyl started sleeping through the night. Thank goodness!!

He is still having a hard time staying asleep with his arms unswaddled, so we continue to try to find new ways to force him to sleep. Trying to get a giant 20+ pounder swaddled is quite an ordeal. We just need to get him a big twin sheet and call it a day. :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Snow(ish) Day

Here are a few photos of Harvey in our first "snow" of the winter. Even he realized it was way too cold for the amount of snow of our little walk. He was begging/running to get home. Since when does he beg to go home??

He was pretty darn cute out there, I'll have to admit. Enjoy!




Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Charlie 4 Months

I'm baaaaaaaaaack kids!

But only for Charlie's four month stats. And only because he's going to be five months old one week from today. I know, what the heck is this kid doing, growing up so fast?!

I'm still having pretty killer headaches everyday, but I realized I could (and should) edit photos a little at a time and then blog. Because our adoring public is waiting! :) And because I have all of these sweet four month photos of Charlie taken by our friend Leigh while I was in the hospital. I remember on the 17th I was super sad because I knew it was Charlie's 4 month birthday and I wasn't going to be there to take my usual monthly photos of him. Once I was a little more together, John told me Leigh took his photos, on his calendar, on his actual birthday. How thoughtful is that?! So, so sweet. Thank you so much for these photos Leigh. We'll always look back on these and remember how awesome you were for not only taking the time out to take them, but for remembering our sweet little guy on his four month birthday. Thank you for doing exactly what this mama wanted to be doing with him on that day.






And here's a super good photo of our big boy, also taken by Leigh. You might just have a future as a photographer one day. :)

Charlie's official 4 month stats:

Height: 26.75 inches

Weight (drumroll please......): 20lbs

Head--17cm (at least I hope its cm!!)

Compared to Harvey: everything is pretty much the same, but he weighs 2 pounds more. In babyland, that's a ton! This kid has some crazy chunky thighs that I'm going to have to document soon. Ok, I need to rest my giant aching head. Until next month......:)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sarah no longer has staples

Sarah and I went to see My Week With Marilyn last night. It was a wonderful movie. I've always been a fan of Marilyn Monroe, and the story contained in that film only made me more interested in her story, and her untimely murder.

After that we stopped in to Sonic for ice cream. We sat in the car and listened to The Goo Goo Dolls ("Black Balloon"), Ryan Adams ("Lucky Now"), The Police ("Wrapped Around Your Finger") and Snow Patrol ("Crack the Shutters"), courtesy of Lightning 100.

The simple things mean a lot more now.

We made an impromptu visit to Sarah's surgeon's nurse yesterday, and we are so glad we did. Sarah had her staples removed. The nurse told us Sarah is doing well and could slowly begin to act more like a "normal" person. This is far from an "all clear," but it is obviously a step in the right direction. In the meantime, we continue to be blown away by the love of family and friends. Life is progressing.

The enormity of our situation continues to hit me. I am slowly realizing what has happened since December 5, 2011.

Thank you for helping us stay on track.

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