Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Levels of Reality

Call it different levels of reality, or just the next step of the process. Either way, it's tough.

Harvey came along very unexpected. For those of you just joining us on here, we are expecting a little boy, mid-May. We got married, last May. The big "plan" was to wait a couple/few years, then start working to welcome little ones to the world.

But that's all a big joke now. Very funny.

We are thankful for how it's happened, for it has reminded us that we are not ultimately in control, and honestly, that is reassuring. No matter what your belief is beyond the physical and visible on this earth, I'm glad to know my hope lies in something way beyond me, and way beyond what this earth has to offer.

I have (and will continue to at times) controlled things in the past. And although some things seemed to work out okay, ultimately I have (and will) mess something up. I will fail. I will fail you. I will fail myself. 

We are humans. That's what we do. No matter how "good" you think the human spirit inherently is; we will fail at some point.

I think it's because of that that I'm realizing the different levels of reality associated with bringing a new human to earth. One that I will be responsible for. One that will be completely dependent upon me and Sarah, for many years to come. 

And we will fail him. 

Simultaneously, we will love him with all of our hearts, day in and day out. But even that is not enough. 

Parents are not perfect. They can't be. We will not be.

I have endless delusions of grandeur when it comes to Harvey: I won't do what I saw that parent do, I won't say what that dad said, I'll be fair, and reliable, and won't lose my temper. I'll be a good dad and always treat my son well.

But this is not reality. 

I'm getting closer to the actual level of reality (the only one) with each day closer to his arrival. The time we spent at the baby/maternity consignment sale tonight sped that process up (and inspired this blog). 

One thing I do know, I'm going to try with all of the might I have, combined with the love of my Savior through me and the love of my beautiful bride, to love this child, no matter what tomorrow, the next day or next year, may hold.

U2, etc.

I'm not sure how long it's going to be available to stream, but you should really go over to U2's MySpace page, and listen to the new album, No Line On the Horizon. I'm hearing lots of great reviews on it, and I personally agree.

There's a song I can't stop listening to, by an artist called Steven Delopoulos. Some of you may know him from a band called Burlap to Cashmere. The song is called "She Held My Hand," and is the first song you hear at his MySpace page

I've been spending a lot of time listening to Springsteen's Born To Run album. On the short-list of rock masterpieces, this one's definitely on the list.

Be sure and check out Springsteen's song, "The Wrestler," which is on the new album, Working On A Dream, and was written for the amazing Mickey Rourke film of the same name.

I just popped over to Springsteen's website, and the first story I see is about one of my favorite bands called The Avett Brothers. I used to work with these guys, and I promise you will not be disappointed. Anyway, here's a video of them covering Springsteen's "Glory Days." Springsteen's camp found it worthy of adding to his site. Check it out.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cats and Cheezburgers

When Sarah and I were in NYC, we stopped by the Virgin Megastore, in Times Square. As we were about to leave, we noticed this book with a goofy-looking cat on the cover, and its title was "I Can Has Cheezburger?" It caught the attention of both of us, but we were trying to keep moving, so we didn't stop to look. Later, we kept bringing it up and laughing about it. 

We found the website. It's this wacky Lolcats thing, where they have cat pictures and videos with funny captions. Weird, trust me, we get it. But, some funny stuff. Here's an example.

funny pictures of cats with captions

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Harvey's Room

It's still a work-in-process, but we're getting there. Below are a couple of pictures of Harvey's room. We're sorting through the Cardinals items, trying to figure out what to use for decoration.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Young Clore

For no other reason than to share. This is me at a young age, sometime in the mid-80s. Thanks to Uncle George for this shot; I'm thankful to have it.

Lorelai Is Here

Sarah and I have a new, precious niece: Lorelai. 

Lorelai was born in Lexington, Kentucky, on Friday, February 13, 2009. This is on Sarah's side of the family (sister, Brittany). We were thankful to have been able to go see the new baby this past weekend.

Here are a few images from the hospital room. It was a good rehearsal for us.

Lorelai's big brother, Connor, seeing her for the first time

Friday, February 13, 2009

Slow Fade

Because sometimes we all just need to be reminded.

Casting Crowns - "Slow Fade"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

He Has Your Ears

That's what the ultrasound tech told me yesterday. 

I've already been told he has my nose.

I just watched this music video by Ben Folds. It's a song called "Still Fighting It." One I've heard many times before, but with a whole new meaning now. 

My little buddy is on his way.

Times Square

Everyone should visit Times Square at least once. It's quite a sight.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Imagine All the People

Above is a picture I took of the "Imagine" Mosaic last Friday, which is on a sidewalk in the Strawberry Fields section of Central Park, in New York City.

Across the street from this is the Dakota Building (72nd St and Central Park West), where a lunatic that I purposefully choose to leave nameless, killed one of the most beloved and talented musicians this world will ever know.

John Lennon died on December 8, 1980.

Strawberry Fields (taken from the Beatles song, "Strawberry Fields Forever") opened on October 9, 1985, what would have been John's 45th birthday.

Listen to "Imagine"...

Oh, Steroids

I had to comment on A-Rod, and the whole MLB/steroid shenanigan-era.

So the dude came clean and apologized for what he did. Great.

But, when did he apologize?

After he got caught.

Of course, this is usually the only time people apologize for their wrong-doing, but that's not what I'm getting at.

Yeah, kudos to A-Rod and the Yankee's PR people for paying attention to history and realizing that trying to "not talk about the past" and/or continually deny steroid-use is NOT the way to go when the accusations are flying.

However, NONE of this takes away from the fact that A-Rod DID use steroids, and on purpose. Yeah, it was part of the culture, blah, blah, blah. But, that doesn't make it right for A-Rod, or for how he happens to be handling it in February 2009. 

As a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan, and having been at old Busch Stadium two days before Mark McGwire hit the home run that arguably pulled baseball out of its strike-ridden downturn, I simply hope that Mr. Rodriguez (and the whole Yankee-culture) is held to the same fire that McGwire, Bonds, Clemens and anyone else that's fallen into this category have been, and continue to be.

Also, I personally feel that all of these guys should be (now, or in the future) in the Baseball Hall of Fame. 

I do not support steroid-use, but come on, we all have very likely been entertained by someone that was hopped up on something that helped improve their performance (sports, films, music, whatever).   

These guys have made some silly decisions, yes, but they're competing on a level that most of us will never come close to understanding. And, as much as we want to keep it all pure, and bring their salaries down to non-astronomic levels, it's not going to happen. It's turned into a money-making extravaganza, just like the music industry I work in. It's rarely about the pure art-form; it's about the cash. We can just try and enjoy it where it is.

Anyway, I do think strict, and harsh, punishment for steroid-use should always be a part of all professional and college sports, but I certainly do not think we should try to go back and rewrite the record books. That is essentially impossible. And, keep your asterisks.

McGwire broke Maris's record in 1998.

Bonds broke McGwire's record in 2001.

AND, Bonds broke Aaron's record in 2007.

Clemens is, and will always be, one of the best pitchers of all time. 

And, although nothing to do with steroids, Pete Rose should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New York, An Interesting Place

So, I'm a Midwestern guy, and have traveled a lot. Where I grew up, things were relatively-calm and people were usually considerate of others.

Sarah and I just (on purpose) spent four days in New York City, as our last "official" vacation before the arrival of little Harvey. Yes, subways, planes, 12-degree weather and endless-walking at 25 weeks of being pregnant. Sarah is one tough (and hot) mom.

I've been to NYC before, a number of times. I thoroughly enjoy the place, and am completely fascinated with much of what it has to offer, but wow, the people there could really afford to chill out a bit. Don't get me wrong, there are a whole lot of nice people in NYC. But, maybe just don't take yourselves so seriously? Possibly?

Anyway, I couldn't start this post with some "I Heart NYC" message; I had to be a little more truthful than that cliche statement.

At the same time, I'm very proud it's part of the country I call home.

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip, although it was absolutely freezing most of the time; we're glad we did it, and will be sharing more details of our stories over the next week or two.

In the meantime, enjoy our pictures.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Coney Island Photos

We went to Coney Island this morning, and I'm so glad we did. It's a place I've been somewhat interested in for a while, just never took the time to check in to it, and I certainly don't live close to it. So, while spending a few days in NYC, and staying in Brooklyn (Coney Island is in Brooklyn), Sarah and I didn't really think we should pass up the opportunity.

Most of Coney Island's attractions have been shut down since late-2007 (USA Today article here).

On our way out to Coney Island this morning, I didn't really know what to expect, but I did expect a ghost town. And that is certainly what we got.

I just hope the ghosts haven't taken over for good.

Pregnancy Update: From a New York Subway

Sarah's pregnancy is at 25 weeks. 

This is Sarah posing at the Prospect Ave. subway stop, in Brooklyn, NY; our friend Sarah's stop to get to her apartment (and where we've been hanging out for the past four days).

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, My Bride

(Tomorrow, we celebrate the birth of my precious bride, Sarah


You are more special to me than you will ever know. I sincerely do not know what I would do without you. You have changed, and continue to change, my life. I know how much your birthday means to you (see below), and I hope tomorrow is better than the last. I love you with all of my heart. 

Monday, February 2, 2009

One of Many Rejected Super Bowl Ads..

...But this one means a lot. 

Thanks to my Dad for pointing this one out.

My posting of this is not a slam on Obama (I didn't vote for McCain). This is a support of life, in all of its forms. NBC apparently rejected the airing of this commercial during the Super Bowl, last night. 

Old and New Busch Stadium

Now that football is over, I'm really getting excited about baseball season. Only two months and three days until Cards opening day. The below picture was taken in late November, early December 2005. The new stadium (at top) was ready for opening day of the 2006 season.

F-15s over St. Louis: Amazing

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Let's Go Cardinals, Especially Kurt Warner

Usually I'm referring to baseball when I say "Let's Go Cardinals."

But for today, it's very different. 

As you know, the Arizona Cardinals have made a very improbable run to Super Bowl XLIII. And I fully believe that Kurt Warner is a big part of why.

For me, the strong St. Louis connections are why I will be passionately (yelling at the TV, etc.) cheering for the Arizona Cardinals football team, tonight.

Not only did the Arizona Cardinals used to be the St. Louis (football) Cardinals (they left STL in 1988), but Warner was the St. Louis Rams quarterback for two Super Bowls; and won one of them (1999 season). 

Here's a great video that helps explain Warner's story:

And here's a photo of Jim Hart, former St. Louis Cardinals (football) quarterback, in action at old Busch Stadium:


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