Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow and Stories

I never thought I would be a once-a-week blogger, but here I am. And, what's worse, I don't have many recent photos of Harvey to post on here. What's the world coming to?! Don't worry, I did find some from the first snow back in December that I'm just now getting around to posting.

Pretty excited little guy. He hadn't really been out in the snow before, so this was a pretty big deal.

He looks so small in this photo. I love it.


He was running everywhere screaming "It nowed! It nowed!!". And, apparently snow makes everything one even, flat plane. Curbs, hills and ditches no longer existed to him. Needless to say, I was working over time trying to keep up with him and keep him alive. And take zillion photos without hurting my other baby, my camera.


Sometimes you just need a little help getting back home.

On an unrelated note, Harvey is obsessed with animals. Especially the ones that run away from him. The more frantic they are to get away, the better. He thinks its a big game, and I know cats and dogs will always be faster than a (clumsy) toddler, so I just let it go. So the other day he was "playing" with Mary Helen and Sam's cat. The cat jumped off the bed and started running, and Harvey was hot on her trail. As he was running he was saying "Meeeooow---sharry (sorry)! Tat! Meoooow sharry!" Love him!

And, I'm fairly certain he ate a bookmark the other day. He's a paper eater, I left him alone for about 5 minutes with a bookmark, and when I came back---gone. Paper in his teeth.

Maybe that's why he pooped in the bathtub tonight...........

Monday, January 17, 2011

A List

Yup, I'm guilty. I have been a serious blog neglector. I'm quite certain I have a good excuse. Just need to come up with it.............

Here's a list of some funny stories I woulda, coulda, shoulda posted over the last week and a half.

*You know you're a parent when: you find a whisk (among other things) stuffed in between your couch cushions. Harvey LOVES to hide random items behind the couch cushions. Like a squirrel. I'm sure that will come in handy one day. Maybe.

*When Havey gets in trouble he likes to change the subject by gasping and pointing while exclaiming "Us dat?!!" (what's that). Typically he's pointing to the wall or the ceiling. So hard to keep a straight face and stay mad at him. Smart guy.

*He's also learning how to stall at bed time. "Mo' book. Mo' book!". He will sit and read for 30 minutes some nights. I would much rather hear him beg for "Mo book" then "Shoooooow!".

*He loves a good haircut. We took him to get his haircut last month and we kept joking that he totally could have just driven himself over there and done it all by himself. When they called his name he walked on back to the chair, she put him up there and he sat still while she cut his hair. No big deal. No wiggling, no crying, simply enjoying a good haircut. And when she took the cape off we saw he had his hands folded in his lap the whole time. Such a good boy.

*He now uses a pillow at night. One night it just dawned on John and I that perhaps he would like a pillow to sleep with, like the rest of the human race. He used to flip flop all over his bed, and now he sleeps with his head on the pillow. Like a big boy.

*He thinks your a rockstar if you can sing along with anything on TV. The Wiggles, Elmo, Choo Choo Soul. I desperately want to be a rockstar even if it is just for a toddler. He will clap and cheer after anything.I like that kid. Makes me feel like I have some real talent.

I just came across this photo of him playing in the snow for the first time this year. I have so many photos to edit and get on here. This one makes me laugh. He looks like a little toy soldier marching through the snow. Love him.


Friday, January 7, 2011

20 Months

Yup, sounds crazy to me too. Harvey turned 20 months old yesterday. We're on the downward slope toward his second birthday. I guess he's not going to listen to me----I keep forbidding him to grow up, but he just keeps going.

He is becoming more and more cuddly the older he gets. That's a little different for a crazy toddler boy. Recently I have had to tell him more than once a day to get up and go play----stop sitting on mommy's lap (although secretly on the inside I'm doing a little dance because I love thats he's a bit of a mama's boy). Last night he sat on the couch between John and I and watched TV. Not little kid shows, sitcoms. He just wants to be around us and be a part of things. And to cuddle. And not just cuddle with John and I. This boy is a lovie lover. Any kind of lovie, blankie, stuffed animal, anything with a tag on it--he loves it.

In honor of Harvey being a big twenty month old, I wanted to pay tribute to two of Harvey's dearest friends----Dog Dog and his football blanket.

Dog Dog has been around since his first birthday. My mom took him to Build A Bear before his birthday party and let him "pick out" whatever he wanted. It was love at first sight.

Then after his obsession with tags began, he got a Taggie Football blanket. And the three of them have been inseparable ever since.



Occasionally he will throw in another stuffed animal, another blanket or two into the mix (every time we leave the house Harvey has Dog Dog and his football, and 2-3 other items stuffed in his arms. When we try to make him walk to the car he stands in the doorway crying because he can't see over all of his "friends" in his arms). But no matter what toys come and go, these two are his forever (until he discovers girls) friends.

Even when Dog Dog says something shocking and crazy, we still love him so.


When Harvey fell down yesterday (right before these photos), I went and scooped him up and the first thing he asked for was "Dawg Dawg". So sweet.


Thank you Dog Dog for being such a good friend. I knew when I saw your flat little body in Build A Bear you were special. A dog living among bears. Truly remarkable. And Taggie---thanks for having so many tags. You've saved us from having to carry multiple blankets around to get the same effect. You guys are awesome.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Part Two

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then prepare yourself for a gazillion words in this post. Here are some photos from Christmas Eve. Maybe next year John and I will actually make the cut and be able to be in a few of these. Just maybe.

Oh, but first here are a few photos from a few days before Christmas when Harvey was "helping" me make some Christmas cookies.


I gave him a small pile of chocolate chips to eat so I could finish up without all of his "help". What a big helper!

He pulled this out of the drawer. Not sure what he thought he was going to do with it exactly. (Don't worry, he was totally being supervised. And those butter knives are totally smooth. Disaster averted).

Ok, now back to Christmas Eve.

Yup, that's my boy. Two things he loves in life: a good chair/bench/tray/shelf in Wal Mart/box to sit on, and a fun hat---or two. He's got all the bases covered here.

And he pulls his whole look together with a blank, far away stare. It's a nice touch really.

Cookies anyone?

Yes please.

When Harv wasn't chilling in his rocker waiting for Santa, he was busy practicing going up, and down, and up, and down the stairs into the family room. Home boy loves a good set of stairs.




I suppose his tongue is what helps him keep his balance. That's why it's out in almost everyone of these photos.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Backin' it up folks!!


Note:we have now added a hat to the stair climbing. This is quickly becoming the best night of his whole life.

And back into the rocker.

And let's now add another hat. I'm telling you, this kid is a real party animal!

Then we ended the night with a litte "Frosty the Snowman" with the cousins. Doesn't get much better than that.


Up next.....Christmas Part III...........or, It's Actually Finally Christmas. You decide.

Zat you, Sainta Claus?????

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