Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Looks like I let yet another week go by without any posts. I'm so lame. But to make it up to you, I'm not even going to really write a whole lot tonight (bummer, I know how much you all love reading my nonsense. Both of you that still read this. :) ). Instead, I have quite a few photos to share. Some are from the wedding that happened forever ago (I swear, I'm almost finished, and the picture CDs are going out on Monday at the latest. Scout's honor), and the rest are from the other day. I have a sweet new vintage action that I just downloaded, so you're going to see a lot of that. Get excited!

This is a photo that I put on here last week, only this time I ran my new vintage application on it. Love it!

The baby mullet. Business in the front, party in the back. An insane party was going on this day.

Oh Mawy Hewen, you's so funny. Weally, you is.

What can I say? He's a pretty hungry guy.

Nom!!! I wove de taste of ewectricity!! Burns so good.



Mother and father of the bride.

John's parents.



YMCA lessons. It's tricky. I guess.........

(Gasp!) We were there too! Can you even believe it?! Melissa was sweet enough to take a few photos of us with our camera. It's not everyday we get to be in our own photos. Sounds kinda sad when you say it out loud.

I will post something sometime soon. Let's just keep it as noncommittal as possible, ok?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Photos

What a night. We had to leave a restaurant (ok, it was Moes, but it still counts) because Harvey was so out of control. Crying, whining, arching his back, throwing food, throwing his cup. The final straw---he threw his cup right in the middle of my burrito. On purpose. And then screamed and cried. Done. We packed up all of our food (John hadn't even started eating his burrito yet) and came home. On the car ride home, Harvey was giggley and happy, sucking his thumb.

And it didn't help that it was free queso night, so everyone and their mom was there. We had plenty of exasperated looks from people. Ah, life with (an untrained animal) a toddler. Here are a few photos from yesterday. I planned on doing so much more, but we're going to eat dinner and watch a movie. I'm done for the day.






It's time for another list of all the thoughts running through my head right now. This might be a doosie!

-Last night I set out to buy ink for our printer. I ended up saving $20 by buying a whole new printer instead of the ink cartridges. True story.

-Our guest room is about to implode on itself. There is a leak coming from upstairs, and our walls, ceiling, and carpet are soaked. The leak was supposedly fixed yesterday, but our newly soaked guest bed (wet down comforter, duvet, sheets, and pillow top cover) this morning says otherwise. We got things cleaned up, and then after John went to work, I decided we needed to just move all our stuff out of the way. Just for your reference, moving a queen size mattress by yourself is no small feat. The box spring is also kinda tricky. Watch out for art hanging on your walls.

-So glad we're renting right now.

-Harvey is definitely my child. He may not look a whole lot like me, but he definitely acts like me. He's pretty out there, and I love it. For instance, I always try to make him and MH dance to music by waving their arms around. He will do it for a minute, but then quickly moves on with life. The other day I discovered why. He is a booty bouncer! I turned on some music and I started dancing (think Napoleon Dynomite talent show) and trying to get them to dance. All of the sudden, Harvey hoists himself into a standing position on the ottoman, and starts bouncing his baby booty all around. He was squealing and laughing and having the best time. That's my boy! Then later that same day, he crawls over to me like he's on some big time mission. He squinted his eyes and looked at me, took one pudgey little finger and pointed to his eye, then to his nose, and then he frantically crawled away laughing hysterically. He's never done that before. It was like some weirdo inside joke he has with himself. I couldn't be more proud.

-He has started inadvertently mocking John and myself. When he throws food on the floor, he now tosses it over his shoulder, looks at us and says "Ohhhh. Uh uh uh. Uh-ohhhh" while patting his hand (before he started in with the theatrics, we were telling him "No" and flicking his hand when he threw food. Now that it's a big production and a game, we have stopped even acknowledging any of this). Also, he will copy what you say, including the inflection in your voice. I apparently say "cheese" and "cat" high pitched when I say it to him. Now he "mocks" me with "chhEEEee" and "caaAAAt". He's just making me aware of how stupid I sound when talking to children. He's tired of me talking down to him.

-After the really bad Sunday he had in the nursery over a month ago, we started letting him take Dog Dog in with him. No more crying, at all. The boy just needed his buddy to go with him to help him be tough. So sweet.

-Tantrums are going well. As in he has them often. The arched back, throwing his head back trying to break someone's nose, screaming until he gags. He's awesome. And kinda angry at life. Then totally happy and giggling less than 2 minutes later. Kids.are.bipolar. Honestly.

-He's going through a cuddly/snuggly phase right now. When he wakes up from nap he likes to suck his thumb with his head on your shoulder and wrap his other arm around your neck, real tight. I drop everything when he wakes up just to have my busy toddler be my baby again, just for a few minutes. I try to soak it in and remember exactly how he feels in my arms in that exact moment, because all to soon he's going to be too big to cuddle. He just melts my little Grinch heart sometimes.

-I'm about to make me some muffins that taste like donuts. I hope there's at least one left over for Harvey when he wakes up from nap. My jeans hope so as well. They're at capacity at the moment.

Alright, I'm finished. Going to make some muffins and edit some more photos. I should have another post of photos on here sometime tonight. I know, I'm awesome. I just didn't want to come right out and say it, but you forced it out of me.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I got out my camera the other day to take some "candid" photos of Harvey playing, and this is what happened.


I'm giving you da stink eye, mom. If dat really is your name.......




Trust me, it goes on and on. I took about 175 photos, and they're almost all of him showing off for the camera. (Side note---there are some good photos of his "double" front tooth here. If you look, his left front tooth is actually 2 teeth pushed together. It was so bizarre when it came in. I've worked with lots of children, and I've never seen this before. Fortunately, our pediatrician had. Just when I was about to sell him to the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum in Gatlinburg, our pediatrician totally busted that bubble. He could have been a big star....).

I did happen to capture of a few of him playing in his box. Seriously, this kid LOVES this box. It's now on its side with a blanket "door" that he lifts and lowers for privacy. And he takes his favorite toys in and out of there on a regular basis. He's an interesting little guy.


I've been in a bit of a blogging slump, and I'm hoping to get out of it soon. It's just so hard to come home and get motivated to sit at the computer when there's plenty of trash on TV. I mean, hello, I HAVE to see what happens on 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey', because you know they won't re-play it over and over again. I've got priorities here. But really, editing photos, posting photos, blogging about photos---those will be my priorities. Soon. I think.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Raining Dogs and Dogs

rainy harv 2

rainy harv

Yesterday evening on our way home, it started pouring. It's been awhile since we've had some good rain, so it was a welcome sight. We pulled in our garage, and I was so thankful we didn't have to get out in that mess. Then I went to get Harvey out, and realized how much fun he would have in the pouring rain. The sun was out, no threat of lightening, so we went out in our driveway to play. Man, he loved it! He's a big fan of water, and he'll take it however he can get it. Even if it means he's weirdo mom makes him play outside when the sky is clearly falling. Our neighbors probably thought we were a little weird, but all they had to do was look at the big smile on his face to get it.

When I finally took him inside, I stripped him down to his diaper, he climbed up in his chair with his Dog Dog, I wrapped them both up in a blanket and turned on one of his Baby Einstein videos. Sweet boy sat there with the biggest grin on his face throughout the entire movie. Pretty sure that was his idea of the best day ever. Then we took him out to dinner where he screamed for my Diet Coke, threw food all around, and threw his sippy cup across the restaurant. But that's another story for another time. Kids are just bipolar. They can't help it.

There aren't too many monumental Harvey updates. He's currently cutting 4 molars (really helps with the bipolar activity), we're working on dropping the morning nap, he loves to play in his carboard box, he has a rather intense obsession with dogs. Really, it's beginning to interfere with everyday life. I'll explain in a minute. First, some words he knows: "Uh-oh" (repeated often throughout the day), ball, dog, shoes, gilk (milk---said while signing milk), mo (more--while signing more), tees (trees), "hey-o" (hello---used when answering anything (puzzle piece, block, lego) like a phone). He's turning into quite a character!

Ok, back to his dog obsession. We have Dog Dog, his bff dog stuffed animal. Dog Dog now goes everywhere and does everything with us. He rides next to Harv in shopping carts, sit in his car seat while we're driving somewhere---you get the picture. Then, we have a dog book that Natalie and Nick gave him for his birthday. He has requested it at bedtime every night since he got it. He knows it backwards and forwards. He even says "Tat!" (cat) at the end, just like I say it----but before I can even get the page turned all the way. No problem, it's good to have a routine. It's even good to have a favorite story. But now, anytime we even come close to his room, "Dog, dog, dog, dog, dog........." while reaching for the chair where we read. Obviously, we don't read it everytime we go in there. Sometimes we're simply on a mission to get his diaper changed and move on. Everytime he wakes up from nap, "Dog, dog, dog", and we'll usually read it to him then. We can't even go in there to play anymore---it's pretty much the only thing he can think about when we're in his bedroom.

So the other night,John and I were going to bed, it's about 10:45. He starts crying, I wait to see if he can work it out. A few minutes later, he's getting pretty worked up so I go in to check on him. Usually at night he's pretty out of it. I walk in, he rolls over and starts with "Dog Dog, Dog Dog, Dog Dog". Holy cow, seriously? Did you really just wake up and start crying for your Dog Dog? So I went to the living room, got Dog Dog out of the cardboard box where they had last been playing and brough him in to Harv. He snuggled up with him, stuck his thumb in his mouth, and that was that. Obsession. I think we're going to get him the Cat book soon. Blow his little baby mind.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Wedding Story: Part 2

Here are a few more images from Kenny and Angela's wedding. Tomorrow I plan on actually writing a blog post. Such a creative idea. I should probably write a book about blogging.

This is where Harvey napped for a couple hours before and during the wedding. He woke up as they were coming back down the aisle after the wedding. Seriously, awesome. (And yes, he's sleeping in a little mini kitchen in the church. You gotta think outside the box sometimes. As long as we have a pack-n-play, some lovies and a sound machine, he can sleep anywhere. He's a rock star baby).

I just love the look on her face. So serene.

Our little buddy "helping" clean up.



Love that dirty little foot.

There are lots more from the reception that will make their way to the blog. Soon-ish.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Wedding Story: Part 1

Alright, here's the first round of photos from the wedding we went to last weekend. I just picked a few of my favorites from the ceremony to put on here. Tomorrow I hope to have the reception photos ready to roll.

JOhnHarvand Andrew




Sometimes it's hard to be a kid at a wedding.







The bride and her dad moments before he walked her down the aisle.



So very happy.

I wish I knew what she was telling him........ Probably why I like this photo so much.

Our whole crew.

New Little Harvey

New Little Harvey

One Month

One Month

Two Months

Two Months

Three Months

Three Months

Four Months

Four Months

Five Months

Five Months

Six Months

Six Months

Seven Months

Seven Months