Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where Has the Time Gone?

Man, our poor, un-photographed child! We have been moving this past week, so poor old Harvey hasn't had his picture taken in some time. Since I KNOW you are just dying to see him, this is a photo from yesterday.
Shew, we're back in the game! And no worries, he hasn't forgotten to smile as soon as he sees the camera.

Some Harv updates. He sleeps through the night consistently now. Pretty sweet 7pm-630/7am. We're loving that! He eats 3 square meals a day and guzzles 4 big bottles. He really wasn't a big eater until just the last week or so. He would struggle to eat a 4 oz jar of food a day and take 4-5 ounces in a bottle a few times a day. But now, he eats a big bowl of oatmeal with 1/2 jar of fruit in the morning, 1 jar of veggies with the remaining 1/2 jar fruit, and 1 jar of fruit or veggie with oatmeal before bed. Perhaps that's why he sleeps so well. He now falls into a food coma in the evening. Fine by me!

And....drumroll please......he can roll over! Well, one way anyways. He's almost sitting up now, and I realized it's ridiculous that he can do that but not roll over. Give me a break! So I've been putting him on his stomach and leaving him when he screams in hopes he would get so angry he would roll over. Instead, he would get so mad and start hitting the floor with his chubby little hands. So we had to go with a more hands on approach. On Sunday John and I would help him get his arm situated and then pull his little leg over if we had to. Eventually he figured out how to (mostly) do it on his own. Then yesterday I put him on his tummy, turned around, and *presto!*. He was on his back! He did it a few ore times before there was fist pounding floor action. So he can do it if he wants to---he just doesn't really want to. And rolling back to front---in your dreams. Anytime I even act like I'm going to roll him on his side he gets as stiff as a board and throws his arms out. Uh-uh, not gonna do it! I put toys next to him trying to entice him, and he just reaches over and pulls them to his mouth. And if that doesn't work, he's content to stare at the ceiling and chew his hands/bib/shirt/stare into nothing-ness. So stubborn. No idea where that comes from.

Here are a few pictures from the new place. Still some things we want to do, but this is it for now.
The living room when you walk in.

"Den"/Harvey play area.
Complete with a sleeping Harv.

Dining room.

View from the chair in the corner of the den. It's a pretty open floor plan. As Natalie put it "Now you're living room is so big, we can Jazzercise in here!". Mission accomplished.

Our bedroom.

Harvey's room. Still needs everything put on the walls. But he has 2 big windows he can look at in the mean time. :)

Guest room. A work in progress. But a sweet view.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sneak Peek

Here are a few pictures from this weekend's photo shoot.

Harvey could not look funnier if he tried. Smug alert!

Our photographer is awesome. She did our engagement and wedding photos. If you need a photographer, you should check her out!

Growing Up

We have reached a new bench mark to prove how big this boy is getting.
He now has his very own seat at the table (kind of). He's been eating baby food for a month, so it was time to get him a place to eat. This is also his first Christmas present, from his Mamaw. We couldn't really wait until December, so she went ahead and bought it while we were in Lexington last weekend. He loves it!!
Ok, ok, enough cheesing for mom. Let's get down to business here....what exactly do you do?

Oh hoho, I see you over there Mr. Light! Yeah, I'm much closer to you now!

Man, this kid still loves light fixtures. Maybe he's going to grow up to be an interior decorator. Make some money and put his mom and dad in a good nursing home.

A PSA from Harvey.
Be green.

He's been real serious about keeping that right hand under his head these days. Just wants to make sure his little head doesn't pop off or something. Almost every time we pick him up or put him down, his hand pops up to protect his head. He really trusts his mom and dad.

And this is how he rolls out for work on cold mornings. Jammies, socks pulled up over his pants, jacket, and of course, his Cardinals hat. So stylish.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Harvey's First Trip to Keeneland

This weekend we packed up and headed to Lexington to hangout with the fam. This weekend was opening weekend at Keeneland, so we went and had breakfast out there. While you're there you can watch the horses warm up on the track and in the paddock. It's pretty neat---but it starts at 7am. And let me tell you, it's a haul when you had a night like we did the night before.

We arrived at my sister's house around 11:45. Harvey slept some off and on during the ride up there, but definitely not enough. When we got everything in and settled, he started wailing. So John and I walked him, tried to feed him, tried everything. He finally settled down around 1, only to wake us up again around 4. Lots more screaming, walking, patting, rocking, feeding, and then finally mom got real serious---and Harvey was asleep within minutes. Don't mess with mama's sleep! So we were able to sleep from about 5 until 6:30. Man, that was rough. And while we're on the subject, he had another party on Saturday night/Sunday morning. He was awake from 2am-4am squealing, laughing, gagging himself (another favorite past time), coughing and having a good time. Mom put a stop to that too after 2 hours of listening to that. Such a kill joy. Can't wait to share a room with him again soon!

So back to this weekend. I didn't take too many pictures actually. I was trying to just be in the moment and not be so worried about getting a good shot. Harvey was so dang cute with his cousin Lorelai! Such a sweet age. So here are some pictures from Keeneland.
He really did enjoy watching the horses walk right in front of him.

His other favorite past time--flying.

The Plaid Family.

Harvey and his Mamaw.

On our way out of town we stopped to visit with the first family I ever nannied for. I had my sweet girls from the time they were 11 weeks old until they were 3 1/2. They are like family to me, and I was so excited to be able to share my baby with them. Here is little Lexie with Harv.

Alexis LOVED Harvey (or Harley, as she sometimes called him). She went out of her way to try to find some things he would like to play with while he was there (like a 100 piece puzzle), she offered to let him sleep in her bed, even gave him one of her movies. She wanted to hold him and feed him and show him the whole house. And she did! I just love seeing her with him---warms my heart. I just love that family!

A couple random side notes. Harvey's favorite food:
Oh yeah, prunes and oatmeal. He's not a big eater, but he ate the entire jar of this all in one sitting. And did it again the next day. Seriously, I have to work to get him to take 1/2 a jar of anything in a day. This is big.
His attire while eating said favorite. He's nothing if not classy.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Big 005

That's right, today Harvey is celebrating the big 005--five months old. In honor of this momentous occasion, he dined on Winter Squash and Apples with rice cereal. Lucky.

And as always, we had a photo shoot. This time I decided to give a little shout out to UK, since Harvey is such a big fan and all.
UK Bear joined Fredbird this month. Man, those three had a good time!

He was super interested in the bear.

At this point, they started getting a little sloppy......

Then it got real crazy. Not sure what they had been drinking.......
Fredbird and Harvey having a good laugh about their fall.

Fredbird and UK Bear decided to take advantage of Harvey's situation. 'Hey you guys! A wittle help here!' (looks like Fredbird's about to give Harvey a little "good game").

Look how big he is compared to Fred. He's a growing boy.

Tummy time progress.

He's doing awesome!

My little wildcat.

Some things he's doing at five months:

-He eats 2 times a day. Cereal with 1/2 fruit in the morning and 1/2 a veggie in the evening.
Foods he has tried: Sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, corn, green beans, peas, peaches, apples, and pears. And sugar free chocolate pudding. Don't know how that happened.

-He can hold his head and chest up during tummy time. Still not a fan.

-He can roll on to his side---and that's where it stops.

-He can sit up unassisted for a few seconds, and assisted for quite awhile.

-He weighs almost 20 pounds. Wearing size 9/12 months in one piece outfits, but 6/9 months in two pieces. It's getting hard to figure out what size clothes to buy!

-He loves to laugh, smiles at everything/everyone. He's a such a happy baby.

-He's sleeping through the night, most nights.

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