Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Who is SUPER Pumped Up About Christmas?!

DSC_0033 copy
This guy!!!


(Note the stunned on lookers).


Seriously, this kid is so darn cute and excited about all things Christmas this year. Every trip to Lowes he is taken aback by the large blow up lawn decorations. He has noticed and gasped over every little decoration in our home. Right down to the little snowman towels in the kitchen. He threw a nasty little fit over getting dressed while his Christmas tree was on in his bed room. He just wanted to stand, naked, under his tree to admire its beauty. Clothes are so unnecessary when there's a Christmas tree in the room.

We opened gifts with my family in Lexington over Thanksgiving. I was kind of expecting him to be over the top excited about every little gift. And he started out super excited (as you can see in the photos above). But just like every other toddler in the world, he ended up being so in love----with the bows and boxes. He got a basketball goal and thoroughly enjoyed jumping/dancing/running all over that big box. Then when we got it out at home, he kept screaming, and clapping, and giggling like it was the best gift EVER! And he didn't even know what it was. I just love that kid.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I've been a little MIA this week (perhaps you haven't noticed, because I'm not such a regular blogger these days :) ), and it's all because of this: www.clorephotography.com.

I finally started my new business (Clore Photography) this week, and I've been busy busy moving stuff over to my official website, getting the kinks worked out, and editing/adding photos from my most recent photo shoot. I started with 1,250 photos, edited it down to 650 and I'm still weeding through and editing the best photos from that group. All of that on top of work and trying to get everything ready for Thanksgiving. No big deal. :)

So if I'm ever missing for awhile, chances are I'm working on Clore Photography. Check it out, and if you need some family photos, let me know (insert shameless self-promotion here)!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baby Sam

The other day when the "big kids" were napping, Sam and I had a little photo shoot. I think he needs to audition to be the next Gerber baby. Nope, I'm definitely not biased.

DSC_0398 copy

DSC_0286 copy

DSC_0354 copy

DSC_0449 copy


And here's big sister. Can't leave her out, not even out of a blog post. :)

DSC_0075 copy


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beach Trip 2010

Whew, I'm falling way behind. It's just that I work all day, come home and keep on working, and when Harv goes to bed, I want to watch TV or sleep. Like in bed by 9pm kind of sleep. So I'm working hard to get caught up on tons of projects so I can get some more projects started. Sounds simple enough. Oh, and if the sun would stop going down at like 4:15, that would help me stay awake past 8:30. The end.

So last month we went to Destin for Kent and Melissa's wedding. While we were there, we went to the beach one afternoon. I was determined to take Harvey to the beach for the first time and stick his little feet in the frigid water, like it or not. And he mostly chose not. Here are a few photos from our afternoon at the beach.

Obviously not loving it so far. (Perhaps its his horribly mismatched outfit that's making him cry. Just a thought).

And not loving the water.

DSC_0956 Dad, dat mean mama made me puts my feets in da water. Don't wet hers do it again!

DSC_1026 copy
Don't worry, we made up. He knows we have to make up. Who else is gonna feed him lunch? :)


DSC_1070 copy
Starting to give this whole beach thing a chance.

And suddenly, he loves the sand. Loves. It.


DSC_0037 He even loved it enough to kick back and eat a little.


DSC_0109 Tada! He went from a beach hater to a beach lover.

There's a lot more coming to the blog this week. Just you wait and see. I'm going to stay up late like a real adult to get some stuff done.

Maybe. :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Difference 6 Months Can Make

Who said my child could go from this:

To this:

To this:

To eating so many cookies on his 18 month "birthday" that he was almost in a sugar coma..........

To then being paranoid from his sugar high..............

To then having his own cell phone..............(or taking someone else's and making strange phone calls with it)............

Who said my sweet, tiny, precious baby boy could grow up??

Probably his dad.

Our boy is 18 months old now. Halfway to 3. Where in the world is the time going?! We so love living life with this crazy kid. Even when he says "NO!" to just about everything.
Except cookies.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Miniature Male Model

I'm currently working through hundreds of photos from Kent and Melissa's big day (yup, almost 3 weeks ago. I took about 1500 photos. And I learned a valuable lesson----if I ever want to watch TV and relax ever again without feeling guilty for not working on photos 24/7, don't take so many photos next time. The end). While editing tonight, I just couldn't help but notice what a great model our son would make (man, I'm so unbiased. Oh, and humble. Definitely humble).

See for yourself.


Ah, the deep, faraway model stare. He's a natural. (He probably just saw a leaf or a squirrel, but he certainly looks happy about whatever it was).

I don't know if we could have a happier boy. Really, so sweet and funny. Just like his mama.

Yup, definitely like his mom.

New Little Harvey

New Little Harvey

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One Month

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