Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Boys

Lots going on, a few stories to share, but I am so tired.  One quick story (speaking of being sleepy): Harvey slept 7 hours in a row last night!!  He's been doing 6 hours a night for almost a week, and then last night he was exhausted from only 2 short naps (ah, a great story for another time!) so he slept until 5:15.  I never thought I would be so excited to be up at 5:15am!  Now I just need to learn how to sleep all 7 hours with him.  I kept waking up for every little noise he made from 3:30 until 5.  I've got to be brave and move our little man to his own room. Someday......maybe even before he goes to college.

Here are some sweet pictures of my boys.

Man, I love them.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bath Time

Bath time has finally become somewhat acceptable in Harvey's world.  We've upgraded from bath time once a week to every other night.  I'm trying to make this a part of his night time routine.  I decided there weren't enough "future bribery" photos on here, so bring on the nudey bath time pics!  

Now bath time is finally good, but the aftermath is usually not too pretty.

Then to further torture our poor child, I tried to make him take some pictures with me.  First, we start with forcing the passy on him.

We got a couple good ones, then the real fun began.

Oh yeah, he's already liking where this is going........ Don't come any closer lady......

Post bath time is always a good time!  Harvey loves his mommy! :) 

Friday, June 26, 2009

Family Time

So like I said before, my family came to visit this week.  They got here Monday morning and left Wednesday afternoon.  With 5 adults and 3 small children, and heat that was out of control, things were a little crazy.  We have a million pictures, so I'll let those tell most of the story.

So we started off on Monday with a trip to Opry Mills, The Rainforest Cafe, and Opryland Hotel.  Harvey pretty much slept through everything.  He only woke up to let us know it was way too hot a few times.  Quite the little weather man (only way better dressed and a lot less cheesy).

Shortly after that, everyone came over to our house to go swimming.  Poor John walked in the door from work, went to put on his swimsuit, and then was immediately off to the pool to be Connor's whipping boy.  My favorite part of the night was when Connor told John to get under water so he could jump on his head......and John said "Ok" and did as he was told.  What a good sport!  This was also Harvey and Lorelai's first trip to the pool.  They were so cute!! 

Harvey loved the pool---and somehow all that floating around in other people's arms wore him out. 

Tuesday my mom and I took Harvey and Lorelai all over the place. I already posted the good pictures of those two playing together.  Here is one more sweet picture of the big girl sitting up.

Then Wednesday John took the day off and we went downtown to hangout.  My mom bought UK apparel for all the grandkids to wear on Wednesday.  That's why they all match. :) 

Harvey seems to be so hungry he can't possibly go on at some very convenient times!

Uhhhhhh, hey you guys?!  You still out there??  Can't really see.........

Sweet little Connor.

On our way to Old Spaghetti Factory, the babies were obviously exhausted.  

And once we were there, Harvey perked up just in time to see all the light fixtures.  This kid LOVES lights and fans.  I'm telling you, he's a genius.  

After lunch we walked around for a bit and then loaded up the cars to head to the Parthenon.  It was getting so hot, and everyone started to come undone.  Literally.

When we got to the park, poor little Harvey was so hot from being in his car seat.  So I took him out, took his clothes off, and we decided to go home and get this kid in the air conditioning.
Then Lorelai thought this looked like a good idea too.......

This picture cracks me up!  After this, we loaded up all our naked babies and went home.  It was so good to see everyone!  It was great to have all the cousins together for the first time.  This was the first of many adventures these three will share.  

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You really have no idea, my little man


It's becoming a reality more and more every day. That being that you are now here; healthy and ready for another 9 innings (over and over again). It still takes me by surprise to know that I have a son, you. That I am now a dad, to you. That I am now responsible for another human being in the biggest way possible, you.

And we (me and you) couldn't do it without your mom.

You see, it will likely take you until at least my age (28), or my place in life, to remotely begin to grasp the deep-reaching impact of your mother - my beautiful bride, Sarah.

Dads are super-important, there is no question about that. I'm thankful to have an amazing one myself - your Grandpa Tom.

But without moms, your mom, there would be this level of emptiness that I couldn't put in to words. I don't want to, but I do want to convey just how important she is.

She brings this foundation, this God-given, natural ability to lay out the plan for your life, minute-by-minute. When I'm simply trying to take care of myself, she has taken care of herself, and you, in the same amount of time.

She thinks in a way that I don't, and she communicates that to you in way that I can't.

One of the most important lessons I will ever teach you is to love your mother, always. I can tell you that my life would be entirely different right now (probably not in a good way) if not for the unending care, love and concern of my mother - your Grandma Chloe Ann.

With all of that said, I want to share with you some images of absolute precious and priceless moments from your brand-new existence. Moments that you will not remember, but moments that are shaping you, because they are laying your foundation. A foundation (hopefully) started in love and respect. A beginning for a wonderful, and completely unique, life for you, Harvey Logan Clore.

The beginnings of your food; often prepared in the middle of the night. I think I spilled most of the formula in that blue container this morning when I was pouring it into your bottle at 5 am.

The night-time bottles your mom prepares ahead of time so we can make them as fast as possible when you start crying because you're hungry (generally every 3-4 hours).

Your boppy and one of your bibs. We put this across our lap, then lay you on top of it when it's time to eat. I can't tell you how many times your mom has used this for you, especially in the middle of the night when I don't even know.

This is your bed, for at least the first 7 weeks of your life. It's at the foot of our bed. Your mom knows we need to start having you sleep in your own bed, in your own room, soon - but I'm not so sure it's going to happen right away. I can't say I blame her.

This is the drying rack for your bottles. Your mom does a ridiculously amazing job of keeping up with all of this.

Your changing table, in your bedroom. Note your Cardinals and UK teddy bears.

Your closet, and one of your mom's favorite places in the house. She has this thing organized, and you one sharp-dressed man.

The rocking chair in your room, where we both have rocked you many times.

Your precious little bathtub. After nearly 7 weeks of life, it seems that you are slowly starting to enjoy bath time.

This is where mom does tummy-time with you, as she's working with you to help you build your little muscles.

Your bouncy seat (left) and car seat (right); between these two seats I believe you currently spend over half of your life.

It's tricky trying to figure out how to wrap up a message like this, but I thought I would do it with one of my favorite pictures of you. This is from a photo shoot that our friend Jessica did of you when you were 6 days old. You are laying in your Great-Grandpa Quentin's cardigan sweater, which I wore for our engagement photos (see below). I'd give anything for you to be able to meet your Grandpa Quentin, and I'd give anything for you to meet your Grandpa Harve.

My little man, you have a lot to be thankful for, and we have a lot to be thankful for in light of you. I couldn't imagine life without you, your funny facial expressions (which you get from your mom), your seemingly endless crying (it's ok, I'd do anything for you) and your precious little heart.

As I attempt to at least teach you about music, sports and how to not get your rear-end kicked in life, you and I will both continue to be kept on-track by my bride, your mother. She's the one that will continue to teach us about the things that really matter.

We are two lucky guys.

I love you, my little man.

Your dad

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This week has been insane---already.  My mom, my sister and her boyfriend, my nephew Connor and niece Lorelai are in town visiting.  Lots of stories to share, but I really just want to put some hilarious pictures of Harvey and Lorelai on here.  Seriously, I laughed so hard during their little photo shoot.  (Keep in mind, Lorelai is 4 months old now.  She is just 2 1/2 months older than Harvey).

I just wanted to get a couple pictures of them side by side........

Then Harvey put his hand just a little too close to Lorelai's face............

Just what he was afraid of........she did try to eat him!!!! Harvey wasn't going to stand for this......

"Woman, please!  You best get off me!!!!"

"Don't you ever try that again. Shew."

Once that was settled, Harvey spent the next several minutes just staring at the top of her head.

"Really, what is that stuff on top of your head?! Is that an animal?"


"You sure it's ok for me to be alone wif her?"

New Little Harvey

New Little Harvey

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