Sunday, November 22, 2009


I thought I would continue to work backwards through the holidays, and add some Halloween photos. We just got a copy of all the pictures the other day, so I thought I would go ahead and add them. Enjoy!

You sure bout dis outfit?


It was his Greatie's 90th birthday that weekend, and we had a party for her on Halloween.

Quite a face! Note his frog lovey on his lap. Very committed to his role that night.

I gave him some birthday cake. Yup, so very un-first time mom of me to give our child cake when he's only 6 months old. But what's a party without cake?!
I fink I've had enough cakes now.

Defrosting the Butterball

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Santa Baby

By far, the CUTEST (and most non-creepy) Santa I have ever seen! He has a little Santa outfit that he will outgrow by the time Christmas comes around, so we had a little pre-Christmas photo shoot. Man, we should have done this before we made our Christmas cards. Such a rookie.

No beard, but plenty of drool. That works.

What's dis outfit made of? Pwastic? I'ms itchy!

The out takes were pretty funny this time.
See mom, it's way more funner when I fro myself down wike dis!

Complete with a toy sack. So realistic! :)
Are we done yet? For real.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Official Stats: 6 Months

We went to the doctor today, and here are his official numbers.

Weight--20lbs 9oz 90th percentile. (Up 2 pounds 3 oz)

Length- 29 inches 98th percentile. (Up 2 inches)

Head- 18 inches 93rd percentile. (Up less than an inch)

I was shocked by his weight! He was *only* 20 pounds?!! I figured/hoped his weight gain would slow, and it looks like it finally is. His weight chart is so funny. He went from 8.56 pounds on May 20, to 14.06 pounds on July 8. That's a 5.5 pound gain in just 7 weeks! That's a lot for a little guy. And he's officially grown 9 inches in 6 months. His height is now off his own growth chart entirely. Such a "tall" horizontal guy!

We got a ton of vaccines done today. They just received both the seasonal and H1N1 flu shots yesterday afternoon, so we went for it. Our doctor doesn't like to give more than 4 injections and 1 oral vaccine (nor do I for that matter), so we did 2 regularly scheduled vaccines, 2 flu shots, and the oral vaccine. Then in 4 weeks we'll go back and get 2 flu boosters and his HepB shot that we skipped today. Shew, what an ordeal! But, at least he was able to get his flu shots without an extra visit to hunt them down, and with any luck we'll finish them off in a month.

On a somewhat funny note, this kid can scream. I mean, it's so darn shrill, it's incredible. The nurse came in and was joking about how Harvey was all dressed except for his pants. How he was going to just get his shots, put on his pants and run out the door. I told her she would see why in just a minute. Whew, Harvey did not disappoint! I'm pretty sure if we had gone ahead and given him the 5th vaccine, ours ear would have bled. His nurse, who hears screaming children every day, said "Whew, hugs and kisses, hugs and kisses! Hurry mom!" as soon as she was giving him his last shot. We all just wanted the noise to stop! He stopped as soon as I picked him up but started again when I laid him down for his pants. We almost walked out with his jacket, hood, and socks on with no pants. But I decided I didn't want to look like a total redneck, so I endured the 30 seconds of screaming.

Since we can't go a day without taking photos, here's some from last week.
Duuuhh---where's we goin'?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beautiful Day

The weather this weekend was amazing! We decided to get out for a bit and drive down the Natchez Trace Parkway. We got out and enjoyed a little picnic and some fresh air. Absolutely perfect.

My precious boys.

This one was a bit of an accident, but I thought it was humorous. You can see John waaaay off in the distance playing football by himself. He can't wait to have a little buddy to play with.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Halfway Point

I can't believe its already been 6 months since Harvey was born. In some ways it feels like just yesterday, and in other ways it feels like he's been here forever. He brings so much joy to our lives and makes our family feel more complete. We're so very blessed to have the privilege of raising him and getting to know this crazy guy.

Oh, uhhhh, hey guys......
Dis is not what it wooks wike......I wasn't about to have a wittle taste of Fwed. Hehe.

Super sweet action shot. Yes, he does actually move that fast.

Just a boy and his bird.

Such good friends.

Taking a little nap together.

Ok yous guys.......
Nooo more!

New Little Harvey

New Little Harvey

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